Who are SEO Sauce & What Do We Do?

SEO Sauce are a website optimisation company working in Kent and Sussex. We specialise in taking your existing website and helping you get the maximum value from it. We use a wide range of tools and online marketing techniques to help your website gain more traffic and generate a higher return.

What is website optimisation?

Website optimisation involves bringing together a large number of small changes that, when combined, can have a very large impact on your website’s visitor numbers and conversion rates. It isn’t about trying to sell you a new website or redesigning the look of your existing website.

How can we increase your visitor numbers?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring Google (and other search engines) can discover as much information as possible from your website. It also covers looking at your industry’s key search terms and ensuring that these appear on your website. This will help you show up much higher in organic search results and cover a greater percentage of your customers’ online searches.

What about paying for visitors?

Why would you want to pay for visitors when you can get them for free? Well, unless you have a very large budget, it isn’t possible to get the number one position in Google for all your industry’s most important keywords and any SEO agency who says they can are lying!

Paying for visitors makes a great deal of sense, as you can target the exact search terms that will achieve the highest conversion rates. In most cases the Return on Investment (ROI) will be much higher on Pay Per Click (PPC) visitors than organic visitors. If your business isn’t using Google Adwords or Microsoft AdCentre, you may be missing out on a very valuable source of additional revenue.

Conversions, but I’m not selling anything?

If you have a website then you have an action you want visitors to your site to complete. It doesn’t have to be placing an order; it might be filling out a contact form, downloading a brochure or giving you a call. Ensuring your website has clear objectives and call to actions is another essential website component SEO Sauce can help you with.

OK, I want more conversions, but what do you do to achieve that?

Far too much to list! The first and most important thing we do is to make sure your website is following all of Google’s Search Engine Optimisation tips listed in their SEO Starter Guide. It’s available for free, take a look:


That will help visitors find your website much more easily. The next step is to make sure the content on your site matches the search terms your customers are using. You should be tracking this information and then, using Google’s free tools, you can see related terms which you can use to dramatically increase your website’s visitor numbers. Once you have this important visitor information, you can analyse the keywords that give you the biggest return. You can then either further optimise these terms or run a PPC campaign to make certain your website is clearly visible to potential customers.

The final phase is looking at how you can increase the reach of your website. This can be done via social media and online marketing activities such as newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube, Blogger and WordPress.

This sounds great, what next?

If you would like SEO Sauce to help increase your website’s visitor numbers and conversions in a friendly and professional fashion, please get in touch.

What makes us special:
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Great Results
  • Google Certified
Some of our clients:

We’re very pleased to have worked with some exciting local companies. You can see more examples of our work on the SEO Sauce clients page.