30 Jun 2014

Building visitor numbers with Google Adwords

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Google Adwords are something that anyone using the internet should be familiar with. The little extra boxes that appears in search results looks like somewhere that you would like your website to show up!

However many businesses are put off by the complication of setting up an AdWords campaign and then the ongoing costs associated. It makes sense to hire a company that is experienced in running AdWords campaign, here at SEO Sauce we do just that. We can help you with the initial planning and budget, setting up and managing the account.

You can choose very precise amounts to spend and the level of return you would like to make. This level of control make Adwords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) services a very useful tool to quickly build visitor numbers for a new website or attract  a wider audience. If you have the right product and website you should then see an increase in conversions. One essential component of running an Adwords campaign is setting up a free Google Analytics account and turning on conversion tracking. This will allow you to measure your return on investment. Without this you’re spending money without anyway of calculating its effectiveness.

If you would like help managing or advice about setting up your first Google Adwords campaign please contact SEO Sauce or find out more about our PPC services here.