15 Mar 2017

New Google Website Performance Online Tester

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Google has recently launched a new website that allows you to check on the overall performance of your website:


It gives a simple overview of the following three areas:

  1. Mobile friendliness
  2. Mobile speed
  3. Desktop speed

Once you scroll down (desktop only) you get a more detailed breakdown of the results. Mobile users will have to enter your email address to get further details.

You can then see all of the factors Google uses to determine how well your website is performing with one of the following results:

  • Looks good
  • Consider fixing
  • Should fix

Other free online tools have been providing this data for many years but the Google Performance Tool is both easier to understand and critical because the three factors it’s testing are now important ranking factors. It’s always been the case that when Google tells you something is important and gives you the tools to measure your performance website owners should take notice. Ignore these results and expect your website to drop down the search results, especially for mobile users.

As ever, if your website is slow or you would like understanding the results please contact SEO Sauce. We can help get your website performing better in no time.