27 Jan 2016

The Importance of Optimisation and Updating

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Website owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation to their business. However I was recently asked to sumarise why website optimisation and updating is so important and thought I would share my answer here:

Not Optimising
SEO is primarily about helping Google (and other search engines) understand your website in a way that matches what people are searching for.
Google has no way of understanding the content of your website unless you tell it. For example if you are selling T-Shirts, you need to include that particular phrase in the page name, description and image tags at the very least, otherwise you cannot expect to be found in a Google search for “T-Shirts”.
The higher your rank for a Google search the more visitors you will attract to your site, the more visitors you attract the more sales you can generate.
Google is a very competitive area, if you have any kind of competition your optimisation needs to be better than theirs otherwise you will have a lower share of the market. Obviously they are trying to do the same thing so this leads onto the second part.
Not Updating
Your competition is likely going to be updating their website (or new websites will be launched). If you don’t make any updates you will gradually slip down the rankings for a couple of reasons:
1. Google frequently updates it’s algorithms as to what exactly is “optimised”. This ensures that no-one is ever at the top for ever unless they really are the most useful website.
2. Google likes sites that are updated and maintained regularly, a good analogy would be, for example a clothes shop with thick jumpers in the winter would look a little odd, Google would see this as potentially out of date and prefer a site that has been recently updated.
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