15 Mar 2016

Using AMP to Speed Up your WordPress Posts

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Back in May 2015 I wrote about the importance of page loading speed to ensure your website is shown highly in Google search results. Since then a new open source project has been launched aimed at speeding up the internet. It’s called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project.

In its most basic form it allows pages to load almost instantly by stripping out all the scripts, styling and images from your website. That may sound like a bad thing but in return you should receive a major boost in mobile search rankings. You can view the AMP version of this blog post by adding /amp/ to the end of this (and any other blog post) url.

WordPress makes the whole process very easy through the use of a simple plugin, further options are provided by another excellent plugin from the Yoast team.

With loading speed becoming even more important to search rankings get in touch with SEO Sauce to find out how we can help speed up your website.