27 Oct 2013

Using a blog to build a new audience

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Corporate blogs have many uses which is why they are such a useful addition to any website. They allow you to keep customers up to date with your latest news, they encourage interaction through comments and sharing on social media. Google also likes the updates to your website and the additional links they provide. This should be enough to encourage most companies to have a blog but one part of blogging is often misunderstood.

A blogs place in the buying process

What’s often misunderstood is the buying process customers go through.

  • Interest
  • Research
  • Purchase

Interest and Research

These very important stages before the actual purchase are a perfect place for your blog to shine. You can gain customers searching for your products with search questions, e.g:

What’s the best way to use my blog to gain customers?

You shouldn’t be selling to visitors at the point because they aren’t looking to spend money… yet! You want to answer their questions, build interest in your brand and make it as easy as possible for them to keep in touch with you via sharing and social media. If you have a quality product or service you should be the fist place they come when they are ready to move onto the purchase stage.

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