26 May 2017

Google AdWords Ad Extensions

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Your goal from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective is to dominate the first page of Google’s search results. As a result anything that takes up more space and puts your brand or company in front of a prospective customers is a good thing.

Here’s where Google AdWords Ad Extensions come in. A standard AdWords Ad can look small and underwhelming in an increasingly busy and cluttered search results page. Ad Extensions allow you to put a range of extra information and call to actions in front of potential customers. The most common Ad Extensions are:

  • Sitelinks

Sitelinks allow you to link directly to different pages, categories or products on your website. Ideal for a more general search term to point customers where they want to go and reduce the number of clicks needed for a conversion.

Sitelinks are extremely powerful for increasing conversions and with an optional description take up the most space.

  • Callouts

Callout extensions are also hugely useful. They let you show between two and six unique selling points to encourage customers to use your business. Good examples are ‘free delivery’, ‘same day despatch’ and ‘UK based customer service’.

Unlike Sitelinks Callouts aren’t clickable but both can show at the same time, further increasing the size of your AdWords ad. At a minimum all AdWords ads should have Sitelink and Callout extensions.

  • Structured Snippets

Structured Snippet extensions are more limited and will depend on your business type. If you are selling different brands for example then you have the option to promote and highlight them in addition to your other ad text.

  • Call Extensions

Not to be confused with Callouts, Call extensions allow you to click a button and to directly call a set phone number. This is most useful when viewing the ads on a mobile device. It’s very important to only show ads when your business is open and answering calls!

  • Message Extensions

Message extensions are very similar to call extensions but allow customers to send you a text message instead.

  • Location Extensions

Location extensions are very useful for shops and businesses open to the general public. It highlights your business to customers when they are searching for “a … near me” and showing a map with the option for directions. Most online retailers won’t need to use location ad extensions.

  • Other Extensions

Google AdWords currently has four more ad extensions but these are very specific in their use and unlikely to be needed by most companies. You can see what a difference a full set of Ad Extensions for Adwords makes below:

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