01 Feb 2016

Pose Running Coach New Website

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Simon Paine has been a Pose Running Coach since 2008 and a runner for most of his life. Over the last few years I have participated in triathlon, but with all the sport and exercise that I perform, I train with the notion of skill/technique being a priority of measure in success rather than time or speed. I believe the latter are achieved as a by product of training well via technique and not just fitness or ‘talent’.

Simon wanted a new website to promote his Pose Running workshops. He had created the website look in a free template builder but thankfully decided he wanted a platform that would give him more flexibility in the long term. Find out more by visiting the Pose Running Coach website.

“Thanks to Matt I have a website that matches everything I wanted. His expertise means I could make the most out of my website. He also has simple and effective ways of communicating to me about building and promoting my website, despite my rather basic and beginner knowledge!”

Simon Paine, Pose Running Coach